my sexy dreams

Some mornings I wake up in a sweat realising that I have had some really kinky dreams during the night. It all started since I began dating London escorts. The girls that I have met at the London escorts that I use are some of the most exciting females that I have come across in my life. Not only are the sexy to look at, but all of them seem to have this super kinky mindset and I love that about the girls from cheap London escorts.

The one and only problem with the girls from London escorts is that they put all of these ideas into your head. I never used to have such strong sexual dreams as I do now. Every morning I wake up and it is like my mind has been somewhere different during the night. During the day I fight to get all of the naughty ideas out of my head. When the evening comes, I am ready for my dates with companions.

Have I ever told any of the girls at London escorts about my sexy dreams? No, I have to be honest and say that I haven’t. Perhaps I should perhaps do so. But then again, I am not sure that letting my fantasies out to play is the best thing that I can do. Many of the dreams and fantasies I have are rather kinky, and I am not sure how the girls at London escorts would feel about them. The last thing I want is the girls that I date at London escorts to run scared of my kinky dreams.

At first, I could not understand where all of my kinky dreams came from. However, now I know that many of the ideas behind my dreams have been there all along. The only thing is that they came very much more to the forefront since I decided to start to date London escorts. I am not sure what to think but it seems like the girls at London escorts have been able to bring out the worst in me on many levels. Since I have been hooking up with the girls, it would be fair to say that I have become a really naughty boy.

Do I like the new me? There are some days when I feel like a real Jekyll and Hyde character. In my sexy dreams about London escorts, I am kind of a good and a bad person. Sometimes I am this guy who likes to be a gentleman. At other times, I am this man who can be a really bad boy. Both of them are fun guys, but I do worry that Mr Naughty as I like to call him will take over my life. Would that be such a bad thing? Not when I am with London escorts I guess but I am not sure that other girls would see it that way. But I have to admit that there are some girls at London escorts who seem to enjoy Mr Naughty’s company if you know what I mean.

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